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ASA 20x20 Pecha Kucha

Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) event; ASA 20x20 Pecha Kucha was specially hold the ASA platform on the "Achievement & Challenge" theme, February 1, 2023 at Lido Connect 1, Krungthep (Bangkok), Kingdom of Thailand. It was an honour to be invited to share stories at this special event; a 25th Anniversary of Montfort del Rosario; School of Architecture, Assumption University, Kingdom of Thailand. 6 speakers :-

1. Vasu Virajsilp : Architect and Founder of Vaslab Architecture

2. Juti Klipbua : Architect and Founder of JUTI architects 3. Thanet Sae-U : Architect and Founder of SpaceLAB

4. Pilasinee Rattarangsi : Lighting Architect and Founder of Rangsi Atelier

5. Churit Kangwanbhumi : Architect and Co-Founder of Punmuang 6. Chintorn Attasarnprasit : Communication Manager at SEE JORAKAY

Photo Courtesy : ADD Peerapat Wimonrangkarat - Leica Thailand Ambassador

Watch here

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