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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Not every projects would have allowed the budget or area for specialist lighting but that does not mean that the projects shall not deserve beautiful, sustainable and well-being lighting conditions / solutions within a possible consultant specialist fees.

We could offer professional peer review, key concept, advise and comments on architectural lighting design also business development strategies as well. Lighting key concept / peer review / professional consultant / business development project references:

  • Super high-end private residence, Chonburi, Thailand 

  • Hotel lobby near Siam square area renovation, Bangkok,Thailand

  • New community mall and market, Phuket, Thailand

  • Hotel facade lifting on Vibhavadi road, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Football field and club, Thailand

  • Rama 3 private residence, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Auditorium at All Seasons Place, Bangkok, Thailand

  • LEED auditorium and conference center, Ratchaburi, Thailand

  • Super high-end private residence, Yangon, Myanmar

  • Jewelry shop, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Hospital - new ward extension, Bangkok, Thailand

  • LEED office building, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Ray-Ban retail, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Drama academy, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Dental Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Face-lift market facade and roadway, Chiangmai, Thailand

  • High-end restaurant, Yangon, Myanmar

  • Coffee shop & co-working space near Chula University, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Landscape lighting for private football, golf course, Nonthaburi, Thailand

  • Super high-end private villa, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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