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Solar Land Exhibition at Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC)

Creative Economy Agency (CEA) is holding 'Solar Land', an exhibition with an innovative concept that aims to present the importance of solar energy.

The exhibition was designed with a larger-than-life feature, Solar Monopoly: Interactive Life-Size Monopoly game, that welcomes all guests to join a new way to witness all innovative creations that employ solar energy from 30 inventors around the world, including Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson.

Solar Land has four main sections: - Sun & Solar: Power of the Sun and Solar Choices - a room that showcases positive outcomes from the use of solar energy - Solar Monopoly: Interactive Life-Size Monopoly Game & Solar Application Showcase - a room that allows visitors to play the popular monopoly game while also exploring the history of solar energy development - Solartopia & Sunlight Graffiti: Co-creation Spaces for the Future of Solar City - a room that brings guests to Solartopia in which they can learn the significance of energy from the Sun and how to develop a future city that greatly depends on it - Solar Rooftop Garden: Sun Exposure Experience - a room that gives experience of real invention like Window Charger Solar, Thermosiphon System, and more

TCDC is the venue of Solar Land, which is open for public view from today to December 27, 2020 (10:30 - 19:00) every day except Mondays. Photo credit : TCDC facebook, Text credit : Exhibition Designer : Interaction Design Studio Lighting improvement and final commissioning by Pilasinee Rattarangsi

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