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We are awarded ! The London Design Award 2023

KOTO TEA SPACE WON the Silver Award for the London Design Award Link : The London Design Award Winner

Client : CHAJIN TEA SUPPLY Come visit Koto Tea Space 琴 : and

Architectural Interior Design : TAKANAO TODO DESIGN Interior experience design transformation : Sojourn Studio Lighting design and Consultant : Rangsi Atelier

Ceramic Fabricator : Mo Jirachaisakul Koto Tea Space is a tea House to appreciate and promote authentic Japanese tea in downtown Bangkok. It is a 50sqm interior space with 6 seats and 2 tatami floors (1.8m x 1.8m) for the exclusive tea experience. It is a renovation of the old Thai restaurant closed during COVID time.

This tea house is designed with a Japanese design concept called "Sichu no Sankyo", which means, a rural hut in the bustling city. In order to actualize this concept, there need layers to help escape from ordinary life. The space consists of 3 layers, the entrance garden, tea house, and bathroom. The deeper you go, customers can enjoy solitude and silence. The entrance is covered with a ceramic screen and small bamboo gloves. The ceramic screen has digitally fabricated pan-Asian wave patterns covered in blue crystalized glazing supported by a metal bracket system. Each tile is oriented uniquely to block light, rain, and view to assure privacy from outside while allowing wind to pass through.

The tea house is covered in earthy, and wooden tones to offer a cozy feeling. Overall spatial design primarily emphasizes structural elements. The wall is covered in beige texture paint, and the structural feature is painted gray. Wooden furniture and tatami spaces are nested within these structural frames while embracing horizontal lines to incorporate deep interior space. The main shelf demonstrates an asymmetrical arrangement for highlighting the main bar area while displaying tea-related products. The bar counter is coated with natural timber lacquer with brass-finished downlight to enjoy premium Japanese tea.

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